Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tasty Food in Dhaka

A new Chinese/Bangalees restaurant becomes the talk of the town, according to a review in the New Nation.

The restaurant is neatly tucked away at a quiet corner on the road and the interior has a cosy feel to it. From the outside it might look like a small place but they have plenty of space. At least, 70 peoples can take seats in this bistro. The décor is very simple and, thankfully, there is no disorganized mess. Indigo walls, crimson chairs and the tables are covered with green chequered tablecloths while the food is served in clean white dishes.

Needless to say that the menu includes mainly of Chinese food and Bangalees food. I believe that some of their mouth-watering menus come to there again. Some Bangalees dishes are plain rice, spicy meat, varieties vegetables curry, fry fish, kabab, kopta, chicken, beef, mutton and some of our local and sea fish.

The menu boasts some exotic dishes such as fried rice, different categories soup, wonthuns, fried chicken, spring rolls, burgers, fried chickens, chicken roast, fried prawn, meat boll, spicy less vegetable and some others lip licking menus.

In their grill section you will find all types of grilled meat. But the range of price is not high. A middle class family easily goes there and leaves the place with smiling face.

Their have another section comprised only of ice cream, coffee and fruits. Price range of this section between Tk50 to Tk100. The bill is reasonable and the waiters in their black bow ties were most genial. This eatery is now a talk of the town for its verities menus and reasonable prices.

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