Sunday, February 20, 2005

Why Jamaican Chinese food is "irie"

A Jamaican blogger explains it all:

Chinese Food

I feel for some Chinese food now! Hey, like most Jamaicans, I-an-I love Chinese food bad bad, you know. Trust me, we doh romp with chinese food at all... maybe thats because it tastes so damned irie.

Actually, you know what I've found? I have had chinese food at a number of places, including New York, Philly, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles and probably a few more places that I don't remember, and nowhere else has it tasted as irie as it does back a Yard. Anybody else agree with me?

I know a couple of people who agree whole heartedly, and one of them offered his hypothesis as to why this is so. He said that the Chinese tend to use ingredients local to the area where they are making the food. By that, I mean that they may introduce some of the seasonings which they find in their current location into the menus they offer, thus changing the taste of the meals somewhat. Also, he felt that they might even adapt some of the local cooking methods and blend them with their own methods, and in many of these cases, the synergy of the two methods of cooking just stands head and shoulders above what either method could produce on its own.

It sounds plausible to me...

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