Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mantou, Inc.

I love mantou by any name, especially if it has a savory stuffing. I was aware that it has many names and many cognates even in diverse cultures, but never suspected that I would find a great overview of the topic in a publication called "AM Costa Rica" (scroll down the page) by a remarkable individual named Lenny Karpman, who happens to be a retired cardiologist from my very own HMO facility, Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. I'm going to have to print it out and carry it with me as ammunition when my own cardiologist tsk-tsk's me about the stuff I eat. "It's OK by Lenny" will be my mantou, er, mantra.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Taiwanese Eats Gallery

Stumbling wontonly around the 'net (actually very purposefully looking for information on Wenzhou won tons) I discovered this gallery of Taiwanese "xiao chi." I didn't see the Wenzhou won tons here, but plenty of leads took me through Taipei or Paris (which seem to jointly monopolize Wenzhou food outside of Wenzhou ). Oooh that stinky tofu!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Opdatering translation (sort of)

I know you have all been tearing your hair out for the last few hours wondering what the hell the last post meant, and how much fuller your life will be when you find out. It so happens that because of my obvious Need to Know, I get regular updates from Misigisaq Restaurant by email. What is Misigisaq Restaurant? Simply the best Chinese restaurant in Sisimiut, Greenland.

Julefrokost is the Greenlandic/Danish version of an extended Christmas holiday, characterized by a lot of easting and a lot of boozing, and the item in the previous post is one of the Julefrokost banquet menus. These particular menus are only posted in Greenlandic, so if you are a little rusty on your Greenlandic, well, you'll know how I often feel when I pick up a menu in China. You can figure out some of the dishes if not all by studying the regular menu, which is available on the site in English (and Danish and Geman as well).

Do they deliver? Well yes, but probably only as far as their dogsled delivery team can go.

Misigisaq E-Opdatering (Say What?)

Skolejulefrokost 90 kr/kuvert

ved min. 10 pers


Rejechips (2 stk)

Surstærk krydret suppe fra Sichuan – ikke så stærk

Kød og Seafood

Indbagte rejer (1 stk/5 pers)

“Det ligner honning” grønlandsk fårekød

Kartofler og muskoksekød i lergryde

Krydret kogt får

Sursød svinekød


Hvide ris og

Blandet stegtet ris (1 stk/5 pers)


Hjemmelavet is