Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Communist Party unit formed at Wal-Mart HQ

Being a, shall we say, non-fan of Walmart's, I've liked the way that Beijing has jerked Wal-Mart's around, forcing them to allow trade unions in their China stores. Although symbolically stunning, though, that didn't have a whole lot of meaning (as it was probably explained to the Good Ol' Boys in the Bentonville HQ) because independent trade unions in China are just a form of window dressing and have little real power. Imagine my glee, therefore, to read the news that the 300-lb. gorilla, namely the Chinese Communist Party, had decided to camp out at Wal-Mart's China headquarters in Shenzhen.
December 21, 2006

Following the foundation of a trade union at its headquarters in November 2006, Wal-Mart China has now announced the establishment of a Communist Party Branch at its China headquarters in Shenzhen.

Wang Suiming, commissioner of the Shenzhen CPC Standing Committee and director of the Shenzhen Municipal Organization Department, says that the establishment of the Communist Party Branch at Wal-Mart China's headquarters shows that Shenzhen has made a great achievement in pushing foreign enterprises to open party branches in their companies. Wang also says this will help promote the city's efforts in constructing the "Two New Organizations"–economic organizations and new social organizations–particularly the construction of a party league in foreign-owned firms in the city.

Wang asks party members and members of the Two New Organizations to play an example and work to constantly expand the Communist Party's influence and sense of team spirit.

All the glad tidings are in this article.

OK, no more Wal-Mart's postings in 2007. Unless they force my hand, of course.


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Anonymous said...

When I grew up and belonged to the US military things were different. Wal Mart executives could have been shot or thrown in prison for this type of conduct. I suppose things would not have gone that well for the people in China either.

Today it is a different world. I think it is important to try and get along with the Chinese. We should keep a very close eye on Wal mart though. These deadbeat corporate guys have just about destroyed the USA. Shipping jobs overseas,cutting wages,benefits,and retirements to slum lord levels,and buying the US Congress has put our country on the brink of going under.

The neo con lunatics will be the first to jump up and start screaming COMMIES!!!!!! I will see your Commies and reply DEADBEATS!!!!!. I think it is time for me to be quiet now and listen to the biggest liars in the history of mankind try to explain to us how low wages,no retirement or health benefits is good for America. While you are at it explain why we have let a bunch of royal assholes with two bit business degrees drawn $100 million dollar paychecks each year while we quietly starve....If you have time explain why the middle class in America is disappearing....I will be quiet now....You good hmmmm Americans explain this to me.