Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paris Hilton's xiao long bao style

"Celebutante" Paris Hilton just hit Shanghai like a typhoon for an MTV event and the local PR folks immediately set the staqe for her to display her xiao long bao eating technique at the very shrine to XLB, the Nanxiang Xiaolong Mantou Dian.

STEP 1: Lift it from the steamer and dip it in vinegar.

Not bad Paris, but it's traditional to use chopsticks....

Step 2: Place it on your spoon and nibble delicately at it.

You've got it, girl. Sometimes, though, using the fingers just won't do:

For the record, Paris Hilton stayed at the..... Hyatt???


Joan said...

Ah, you're still alive. I was a little worried when I stopped seeing your posts in CH.

Have this blog in my Google Reader now. Cya around Gary.

Gary Soup said...

Hey, Joan. email me (Shanghaigary AT gmail DOT com) and I'll fill you in... Gary

Kent said...

She's cute.... enjoying her meal. Too enjoyed my favorite soups at Albertsons, they are so tempting.