Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fuschia Does Flushing

I wasn't just jacking off when I said the 41-28 Main St. mall (a.k.a. Golden Mall) in Flushing was the closest one can come to being in China without leaving the US. This sentiment was echoed by none other than cookbook author and food writer Fuchsia Dunlop when she toured the mall with Joe DiStefano of Serious Eats (who shares my passion for Liang Pi's Xi'an snack stall:

Dunlop was amazed by the diversity of eats and gushed that it was "just like being in China."

The affable Mr. Liang, meantime, has branched out, opening a "Chinese Burger" (roujiamo) stall at the mall just down the street. If he continues cranking out the same great hand-helds at the same low price, he'll soon have an empire on his hands.


Anonymous said...

Well shoot Gary, I've never looked at your blog, and what do I see upon first linking to it. Man, I live at that mall.

I stopped by Liang Pi's new joint Thurs, night and he was making gigantic versions of the "burger" bread.
-- Joe "Joey Deckle" DiStefano

Gary Soup said...

Any idea what it's for? Maybe he's planning to add yang rou pao mo at the new location.

If I move to Queens, as I've been contemplating, I'll probably live at the Main St. Malls as well.