Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Been sprouts in your cow mains?

From an on-line Five Star review of Ho Ho Restaurant in Greenville, RI (thanks to "katya"):

This restaurant is a real gem. I grew up living just outside of Boston's Chinatown. For as long as I can remember I've been eating Chinese once or twice a week; that for about 50 years. I know good Chinese. Ho Ho is great Chinese, especially if you like Cantonese. Here been sprouts are rarely seen; unlike many places that make most cow mains and chop sueys with mostly bean sprouts and use them as fillers in all but the most expensive dishes. Here all the dishes have their own distinctive flavors as well. However, be prepared for some unexpected twists, like the pickled beets, cole slaw and french fries that they serve with each menue choice. Strange (maybe a Rhode Island thing), but nice.

If the waiter says "You won't like it," listen to him.


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