Friday, January 21, 2005

The state of Chinese Food in Hong Kong

The Financial Times brings us an excellent article by Fuchsia Dunlop summarizing the current dining situation in Hong Kong.

China serves up treats for HK

Here's one quote:

"It used to be the other way round," says Rose Leng, businesswoman and gourmet, "but these days the food in Shanghai is so good that Hong Kong people go there for the weekend, just to eat. And now Shanghai restaurants like Xinjishi and Lulu are opening in Hong Kong, and introducing new dishes." Hong Kong also has branches of the famous Beijing lamb hotpot restaurant, Donglaishun, and the Sichuanese Tan Yu Tou. This new wave of restaurants, with chic design and modernised regional cooking, (sanitised, say their critics), are fast eclipsing established haunts such as Lao Shanghai, whose traditional eastern cooking is more popular with the older generation.


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