Sunday, January 01, 2006

Klingt furchtbar schmeckt aber wunderbar

Translation: My new year's resolution is to revive this blog, embrace it wholeheartedly, and lovingly feed it nibbles.

Okay, that was a white lie. Actually, it means "Sounds terrible but tastes wonderful". I found this description applied to a German restaurant, Grasshof, while browsing the somewhat scary website of a government supported haute food technology institute, INICON, but the phrase seems to be tailor-made for Chinese food. How often have you uttered something similar, or heard someone utter something similar about the goose chitterlings, fish maw or duck tongues on the menu at your favorite Chinese restaurant?

Anyway, a Happy Klingt Furchtbar Schmeckt Aber Wunderbar, or KFSAW for short to you, and come on back!

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vespabelle said...

you can do it!

any thought to adding an RSS feed?