Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bloggers Do it Long and Strong (but RIP one Superstar)

I just finished reviewing the status of the 33 blogs about Chinese food or Asian food in general I have collected over the past couple of years. I'm happy to report that only one has perished, and nearly all the others are recently active (et tu Gary?)

The one discordant note was struck by the announcement HERE that Astrid was about to let her Wrapped in Dough blog go dark, being too busy in law school. For those who knew the blog when its creator had the time to keep it rocking, it was one of the best foodie blogs of any type, and Astrid's seven months of discovery and reporting (with mouth-watering photos) while traveling and teaching in China represent one of the high water marks in food blogging, IMHO. I've save all eighty-some pages or her entries from that period, and will be communicating with Astrid about preserving/republishing them. I'll even promise to spare her lawyer jokes.

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Ian said...

Good to see you back, Gary. I'm also back with Chopstix - as of today.